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Corporate Art Sales (Large Orders)

Travel Art Gallery is able to bring large-scale, affordable design solutions to industries and corporations. We make it easy for you by offering professional design services free of charge, and we will even frame and hang your selections. Bulk discounts available for the following:

• Hospitals and Clinics
• Hotels and Resorts
• Public Buildings
• Corporations
• Colleges and Universities
• Retail Stores
• High-Volume Orders
• Libraries and Museums
• Office Complexes
• Science and Technology Buildings
• Schools and Daycare Centers
• Churches
• Spas and Salons
and more!

Travel Art Gallery will work closely with you to find the best product for your decor, style and budget. We will take the time required to get to know you and the message the artwork should help to convey to your staff and clients. We can assist in finding new acquisitions of original artwork from local, regional or international artists as well as limited and open edition prints and posters.

Contact us at 440-227-4592 for more, or email us to schedule a consultation.

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